“Y’all Going To Hell With Me” – Lil Uzi Vert Tells His Fans

Y’all Going To Hell With Me Lil Uzi Vert To Fans

“Y’all Going To Hell With Me” Lil Uzi Vert To Fans

“Oh, you already [in Hell],” Uzi continues. “I’m so sorry. You can’t get out! You’re stuck, it’s over.”

Since his emergence on the scene, the Philly bred musician has discussed his interest in gothic-inspired things, including his affinity for the music and lifestyle of Marilyn Manson. Then of course, if you say his name fast enough, it bears a striking resemblance to “Lucifer.” While Uzi favors darkness, there’s still plenty of goodness in his heart. Recently, he announced plans to start a fund or foundation to support the family of slain rapper XXXTentacion, “to make sure his child and family are taken care of not just temporary but for life.”