VIDEO: 10:11 Music – Double Beat Cypher 1.0 Ft. Various Artistes


The Double beat 1.0 is the 1st installment of the illest cypher outta middle belt naija for all hip hop heads to decipher.Hard hitting, jaw shifting punches thrown across bars from 8- headed lava spitting emcees with incredible gift and utmost respect for the game. Crafted in the dungeon of the Mad Dragon studio,by 10:11 beat maestro, chief Double G producing instrumental madness,visuals chopped and screwed by the amazing Samson Oklobia, And an intimidating line-up of some benue’s brightest emcees, spitting bars from smooth sticky, sting flows by (Boi bee), to indigenous creativity from (Meddy)to Unlady like vices by the only lady in the circle (Jayn phoenix),to raw Granny delivery by Mad Dragon bad boi(Runz),to mindboggling spirit awakening spit(MGP),to Maxbilla causing a mental stir with his delivery to (EMZ),creating a scarcity of breathe with his verse and (SHOGZY),Out punching everything from the beat to reality, Its sure to be a gruesome double beat murder…. Someone should please call the hip hop police cause all I see is a Bloody rhyme scene..