TIP: How To Make Money Infusing Other Artforms Into Your Music Career


One of the most awesome things about the arts is that; an artist almost always dabbles in one or two other crafts asides from his/her main focus of attention. A lot of musicians that sing and write songs also paint, draw, write, take pictures and portray their creativity in various forms asides from making music.

Whether you are a stable musician or an upcoming act, there are a few ways (below) that you can infuse other artforms into your music career to help you make more money.

Music and Photography

  • A perfect example of an artiste who does this is TY Bello. The female superstar is one of the most popular photographers in Nigeria as well as one of the best vocalists in the industry. In many ways, music and photography go hand in hand because musicians are always in need of professional photos for their album or singles cover, flyers, and other promotional materials. During stage performances, musicians need someone who will be taking their pictures while they perform or are backstage prepping. This is a great way to make some extra money while staying in the music scene.

  • As a musician and a photographer, you can display your photos in a slideshow with your own music playing in the background. This will not only alert other musicians and clients that you are a photographer, but will also be an avenue for you to promote your own music as well. You are basically killing two birds with one stone.

Music and Videography

  • Videography is another awesome way you can infuse an artform with your music. If you are good at making video clips or skits, then you can also use your own song as background music as well.

  • YouTube is full of many individuals, brands, and organisations that release videos on a daily basis. This has created the demand for music clips as either intro, outro, sound effects or background music. Services like jamendo.com, audiomicro.com and audiojungle.net offer visitors the opportunity to download royalty free music to add to videos. You can sign up to be a seller to earn a percentage each time your track is downloaded.

  • YouTube also offers video creators the option to download royalty free music right from YouTube. Although these are free tracks, it’s a great way to get your name out there by submitting your own tracks for the YouTube library.

  • Musicians also need video clips to promote themselves and their albums, so if you are a video editor, then this is another way for you to earn money by the side.

Music and Arts

  • If you are a musician who can draw, paint, sculpt or create visual artworks, then you can host an art gala for your own work with your music playing in the background.

  • If you want to take it a step further, then host a concert and an art night at your home or local venue.

  • When playing local gigs, invite artists to come paint their canvases while you play. This makes for a fun experience for your fans and also puts you in touch with the fans of those artists. You may gain new fans that may not have otherwise heard your music at another venue.

Music and Fashion

  • Fashion shows have really evolved into large events for designers. Many times they hire bands to play live during the runway show. Get your name out there in the fashion world and extra points if you wear the styles created by the designer.

  • Music and fashion have always seemed to be a perfect pair and one artist that has proved this is Ruggedman. If you have an equal love for both and have a bit of a following, consider creating your own fashion line or look that compliments your music.

Music and Writing

  • If you’re writing music, chances are the writing bug is already in you to branch out to other writing opportunities. you can write stories like Eva Alordiah does, write poems, run a blog, etc.