Pros And Cons Of Treadmill Running



Pros And Cons Of Treadmill Running
Running is one of the trendiest and most effective ways to keep in shape, but sometimes running outside simply isn’t an option due to bad weather or other reasons. In this situation, you can get all the benefits of running with the help of a treadmill. Find out all the pros and cons of regular treadmill training right now!
Pro: Same difficulty level
Running outside is widely believed to be a more effective form of training because of the natural curves and inclines of the ground, but the latest research shows that one simple trick allows you to achieve the same difficulty level on your indoors treadmill. Just set the incline level on the treadmill to 1% and experience the advantages of running outdoors without leaving the comfort of your own home!
Con: You can get bored
There is no arguing with the fact that outdoors training is much more fun than running inside: you get to enjoy the scenery, meet fellow runners, and enjoy fresh air. When training on your treadmill, you are surrounded by the same interior and people you see every day. The best solution here is to create an awesome playlist to accompany your running sessions, or to turn on your TV and keep yourself from getting bored with the help of a favorite TV show.
Pro: Work out in any situation
Be honest: how often have you excused yourself from going out for a run simply because it’s raining, or it’s too hot outside, or you need to stay home watching the kids? Having your own treadmill eliminates any possible excuses, so you won’t have a way to cop out of training. It doesn’t matter if the weather is horrible, or you have commitments at home, or you can’t leave the house for any other reason – with an indoor treadmill you’re guaranteed to have a daily workout.
Con: Lack of variety
Most treadmills can only imitate running uphill or on a flat terrain. However, if you want to experience running downhill, you’ll need to go outside, as there are only a couple of treadmills that offer this feature. Plus, indoor treadmills often have a very limited selection of running speeds, which may also feel uncomfortable for experienced outdoor runners, who are used to keeping their own pace and changing the running speed whenever they want.
Where to get your own treadmill
With all pros and cons, it’s clear that having a treadmill in your own home is a great way to keep fit without having to go outside. Treadmills tend to be expensive, but if you know the right place to shop, you can save a fortune on the purchase. Find all kinds of treadmills for sale via marketplace, Nigeria’s famous online classified website, and never overpay for sports equipment or any other goods again!