MIXTAPE: Pyro – Coming Of Age (Full Download) | @Thee_Pyro

GSR/Lokii Entertainment MC Pyro drops his highly anticipated debut mixtape “COMING OF AGE: the Cassius Clay story” to close out 2015. The 10 track tape showcases Pyro covering a wide range of topics on diversified hip hop production, as well as displaying the rapper’s knack for song writing and witty word play. Download individual tracks below.

Track 1: Rolling Stone: {DOWNLOAD}

Track 2: Ready For The Road {DOWNLOAD}

Track 3: Far Away {DOWNLOAD}

Track 4: State Of The Art Ft. Banks & Veinz {DOWNLOAD}

Track 5: The Sky Is Low {DOWNLOAD}

Track 6: Zombie {DOWNLOAD}

Track 7: Rookie {DOWNLOAD}

Track 8: Hell Of A Life Ft. Leo {DOWNLOAD}

Track 9: Greatness {DOWNLOAD}

Track 10: Insha Allah {DOWNLOAD}