Honda History And Top Popular Models



Honda: History And Top Popular Models
Honda is one of the Asian car manufacturers that managed to gain respect and financial success all over the world. Nowadays Honda cars can be seen literally in every corner of the globe. This brand is beloved by auto buyers for its outstanding quality of the vehicles and the exceptional reliability of every Honda model ever produced, which is why you can still see 30-year old Hondas cruising the streets of your city.
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History of Honda
Honda was founded in Japan in the late 1940s as a motorbike producing company. However, soon the brand expanded its production to cars, which first earned immense success in the domestic market, and by the 1970s Honda cars started conquering the world. The introduction of Honda Civic marked the start of a new era in the brand’s history, as it turned out to be a hit both with the critics and the buyers.
Following the success of the Civic, Honda introduced Acura, a brand that was created for selling more high-end, luxurious cars. Today Honda still enjoys international recognition, while its lineup of vehicles is incredibly diverse and includes every type of vehicle imaginable, from hybrids to minivans and from sedans to pickup trucks.
Honda Civic
The Civic was launched in 1973 and remains one of the most successful Japanese cars introduced on the international market. Originally, the buyers were captivated by the endurance of the vehicle, the phenomenal quality of materials and components, and low running costs. Thrilling performance and respectable fuel economy also contributed to the Civic’s popularity. New Civic models are appreciated by fans for their high resale value, ergonomic design, and reliability.
Honda Accord
Honda Accord may not be the most exciting vehicle to look at, but its popularity in the compact sedan market cannot be denied. There are many reasons why the Accord became as coveted as it is now, including its comfortable and roomy interior, lots of engineering achievements, and reputation for reliability, which is common for Honda cars. These days the Honda Accord is available as a sedan or coupe, but, regardless of what you choose, you’re guaranteed to have years of memorable driving experience.
Honda CR-V
While Honda earned most of its success thanks to its sedans and coupes, the company has enjoyed the popularity in the SUV market as well. The Honda CR-V debuted in the late 1990s as a compact SUV that was designed to compete with massive full-size SUVs of that era. The CR-V featured car-based build, a fuel-efficient engine, and flawless handling. These days, the Honda CR-V is still a very popular model, largely thanks to its competitive pricing, plenty of interior and cargo space, and capable mechanics.